Suitable for almost all 3D printers with two extruders. Non-toxic, biodegradable, colorless, transparent, odorless plastic. To remove support from the PVA, it is enough to lower the model in warm water, vinegar or any organic solvent. Since 3D PVA plastic has a rather soft structure, on some models of 3D printers, printing them can be difficult.

3D Print Type FDM
3D Plastic Type PVA
Melting temperature 160°C – 170°C
 Flow (190°C, 2.16 kg), 1.5-3.5 g/10 min
Glass transition temperature 45˚C – 55˚C
Specific heat 0.4 J/K
Density 1,25 – 1,35 g/cm3
Available Colors Natural
Coil weight 0,5 kg
Manufacturer country China