The metal case. Qualitative mechanics. The embodiment of all your ideas with a single printer.


Closed enclosure. Acrylic inserts, which are optionally supplied with the equipment, completely insulate the case and ensure uniform heating with 3D printing. This makes it easier to work with plastic such as ABS;


Large area of construction. 200х250х350 mm for manufacturing both large products, and for small-scale production;


Велика область побудови Клема 250 Твін


Reliable mechanics. Rail guides provide the accuracy of 3D printing and the duration of operation of the 3D printer;


Надійна механіка 3д принтер Клема 250 Твін


Support for various types of plastic. Now the possibilities are even greater thanks to the support of various materials;


Printing at temperatures up to 270°C. Printing at high temperatures makes the KLEMA 250 Twin 3D printer multifunctional among printers of its price category;


Metal construction. The printer is robust and stable, which ensures stability during printing and minimizes the possibility of errors in products;


High accuracy of 3D printing. The accuracy of printing a printer is 40 microns. On it you can print products even with a very high degree of detail;


3D printing with two filaments. The printer has two extruders that allow printing with two kinds or colors of plastic at the same time;


Independent calibration of extruders. Extruders are calibrated independently of each other, so that the work with the printer is simplified and accelerated.


Клема 250 Твін екструдери



Print Type FDM
Construction Area 200 х 250 х 350 mm (150 х 250 х 350 for 2 extruder printing)
Number of nozzles 2
Diameter of the nozzle 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 mm
Minimum layer height 0.04 mm
Positioning accuracy 0.00125 mm axis XYZ
Print speed at 10 mm/s to 150 mm/s
Carriage speed to 250 mm/s
Temperature of the nozzle Maximum 270˚С
Platform temperature Maximum 105˚С
Type of plastic PLA, ABS, PLA+, ABS+, ASA, HPLA, Elastan, Plastan, Primalloy, Flex, TPU, TPE, PMMA, PET, POM, PA (Nylon), PA6, Conductive ABS, Flame Retardant, Marble White PLA, Ceramic, Aluminium, Cooper, Bronze, Brass and Gold PLA filaments, Wood, Carbon Fiber, PC, PETG, HIPS, PP, PVA
Diameter of plastic 1,75 mm
Operating system Windows, Linux, Mac OS, OSX
Language English, German, Ukrainian, Polish, Chinese, Spanish, Russian
Software Cura, Simplify3D, Slic3r, KISSlicer, Repetier-Host and others
CPU 8/32 bit
Interface Colored touchscreen
File format STL, OBJ, Gcode, Amf
Power supply 110~220 В, 500 Вт
The weight 24 kg
Dimensions 420 х 500 х 670 mm
Manufacturer country Ukraine
Guarantee period 1 year


Package Contents

  • Power cable – 1
  • Changeable nozzle with a diameter 0.4 mm – 2
  • Thermoblock – 2
  • USB Flash – 1
  • Bobbin holder – 2
  • Plastic PLA – 1 kg
  • Napkins – 1
  • Grease tube – 1
  • Teflon tube 2*3 10 cm – 2
  • Set of stands – 1
  • Set of acrylic inserts (optional) – 1


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