Features of PLA plastic:

The uniqueness of PLA plastic for 3D printing lies in its environmental friendliness. It is made from biodegradable raw materials (corn starch and reed). Thanks to this, it is ideal for both 3D printing and drawing with a 3D pen. Safe for children. Excellent for playback models with complex geometry. Due to the wide variety of colors often used for decorative products. It is well suited to post-processing: products from it can be ground, painted, polished, primed and varnished. Does not smell when melting.

3D Print Type FDM
Type of plastic PLA
Diameter of the plastic thread 1,75 mm and 3 mm (2,8 mm)
Optimum print temperature 210 – 255°С
Melting temperature 190°С
Density of material 1.2 kg/m2
Tensile strength 40 Mpa
The coefficient of elongation 30%
Available Colors White, black, blue, yellow, green, gold, emerald, brown, red, natural, orange, transparent, pink, light orange, light purple, light gray, light blue, silver, gray, dark blue, purple, bright green and others.
Internal diameter of the reel 57 mm
Manufacturer country China