Features of PC plastic:

  • Has high strength
  • Resistant to acids
  • Transparent
  • Environmentally friendly and can be used to create food containers.

Due to the high hygroscopicity, polycarbonate should not be stored in an open container and it is recommended to dry it periodically. It is also undesirable to expose the plastic and its products to direct sunlight. This plastic resembles a very strong and hard rubber. Products from it are very beautiful. It has a high melting point (from 150 ° C). Flowability is achieved at a temperature of 280 ° C – 300 ° C, because this material is not suitable for every desktop 3D printer.

Due to its high impact strength and toughness, it is often used as construction materials in various industries, it is also used in the manufacture of lenses, compact discs and lighting products.

3D Print Type FDM
3D Plastic Type PC
Density 1,24 gr/cm3
Strength limit 68 Mpa
Elastic modulus 2300 Mpa
Elongation at break and tension 6,00%
Flexural modulus of elasticity 2410 Mpa
Bending Strength 95 Mpa
Glass transition temperature 143˚С
Bending temperature under load 135˚С
Surface resistance ˃106 to 109 Ohm
Specific electrical resistance 3 Оhm/cm
Inflammability 3,2 mm – V-2
Foundry shrinkage 0.3 – 0.7%
Water absorption at 23°C 0,20%
Light transmission at a product thickness of 3 mm 89%
Extruder temperature 270˚С – 300˚С
Platform temperature 110˚С – 120˚С
Print speed 50 – 70 mm/sec
Available Colors White, transparent, natural, black
Coil weight 1 kg
Manufacturer country China