Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting the release of toxic fumes during printing and high hygroscopicity. Often, the material is used to make bushings and other similar components due to the high slip coefficient.

Print with this plastic is recommended in a well-ventilated room, and before use, it is desirable to dry the nylon. It is noteworthy that the probability of stratification of products from nylon is extremely low, but the material does not give a good adhesion. The latter factor can become an obstacle when it is necessary to manufacture modular objects. Another recommendation is the use of blue scotch as a substrate for printing, since the polyamide does not adhere well to the working platform.

3D Print Type FDM
3D Plastic Type Nylon
Working temperature 240˚С
Platform temperature 85˚С
Print speed Up to 60 mm/s
Necessity of blowing Not necessary
Available Colors White, black, natural
Coil weight 1 kg
Manufacturer country China