Features of Carbon Fiber:

  • High strength, stability, resistance to mechanical stress
  • Low weight of products with high rigidity
  • Suitable for almost all models of desktop 3D printers
  • Gives very small shrinkage.

From plastic Carbon Fiber it is possible to make the most various engineering details. Often it is used for the manufacture of products of radio and electrical engineering, screens absorbing electromagnetic radiation. Also, Carbon Fiber plastic can be used in the automotive industry and auto tuning, for example for the production of body parts and interior.

3D Print Type FDM
3D Plastic Type Carbon
Density 1,11 gr/cm3
Strength limit 44 Mpa
Elastic modulus 4018 Mpa
Elongation at break and tension 1,80%
Flexural modulus of elasticity 5260 Mpa
Bending Strength 76 Mpa
Glass transition temperature 105˚С
Bending temperature under load 102,5 ˚С
Surface resistance ˃1010 Ohm
Extruder temperature at printing 220˚С – 240˚С
Platform temperature 100 – 110 ˚С
Print speed 50 – 70 mm/sec
Available Colors Black
Coil weight 0,8 kg
Manufacturer country China